Welcome home beers courtesy of ScoMo – I’ll cheers to that

Welcome home beers courtesy of ScoMo – I’ll cheers to that

Australia’s PM announces $630 rebate for Visa holders overseas and WHAT A WIN FOR A WEDNESDAY

OnYa Mate.

In what’s been a FKN long time between brewskies with my besties, and to help prop up a few industries currently facing MAJOR worker shortages, the federal government announced today that they will provide a fee rebate to any students or backpackers who come back to Australia in the next few months.

Honestly, this is a BIG YES for many reasons, mainly being:

Approx. 175,000 students and backpackers with Australian Visas can get their butts over here, ASAPThere will be fresh Tinder hotties for my single friends to meet (finally)These visa-holders will fill workforce shortages in agriculture and hospitality industries which have been, well, cooked.The fee, which is around $600, will be rebated for international students who arrive anytime in the next eight weeks and for backpackers on working holiday-maker visas who arrive within the next 12 weeks…meaning THIS IS HAPPENING ASAP

“My message to them is — come on down,” ScoMo said.

“Come on down now because you wanted to come to Australia, you got your visa, we want you to come to Australia and enjoy a holiday here in Australia.

With staffing issues within many workforces being the current, COVID-related flavour of the month, Aussies have been struggling dealing with the impact forced isolations have had on critical supply chains.

BUT, with today’s somewhat-good news…there’s at least $600 worth of celebratory drinks to be had…and I don’t even have a visa-rebate tab hehe

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