These recipes slap: Top 5 so far in 2022 in FIREDISC Nation

These recipes slap: Top 5 so far in 2022 in FIREDISC Nation

This Crappie Fish Fry is circulating more online than all the cute cat memes combined. FIREDISC® Nation has spoken, and it LOVES them some fish fry. We’re here for it.The rest of the top 5 shows some pretty good variety, friends. Impressive. Check out the top 5 most popular. Have you cooked up any of these? Wont to cave to peer pressure? Get fishing for crappie and add pepperoni and provolone to your shopping list. NUMBER 1: CRAPPY FISH FRYCopy:The range of seafood possible on a FIREDISC® cooker is vast as the ocean is wide. Yet, we return to this down-home favorite. Springtime spawning has put this popular fish on many ‘discs.GET RECIPE NUMBER 2: FIREDISC LOWCOUNTRY BOILCopy:It’ll fill you up, and it’s easy to clean up — and the conversation around a table of Lowcountry boil is fine, indeed. Some recipes need no updates, and this one is the bomb. Georgia and South Carolina, can we get an ‘amen’?GET RECIPE NUMBER 3: FIREDISC PIZZACopy:The spice and cheese combination on a FIREDISC cooker is divine. It’s like your favorite basketball team drafting your favorite college star forward. Delivery is for those who don’t have a FIREDISC ®.GET RECIPE NUMBER 4: TEXAS-STYLE PHILLY CHEESESTEAKSCopy:It’s the chase to perfect meals — Texas-fying them, if you will. Recipes from other regions get called upon. Sorry, Philly. But you’d have to agree: The Texas version of this classic is ever classic-er.GET RECIPE NUMBER 5: FRIED PEPPERSCopy:Veggies and friedness, living in delicious harmony. As a side, a snack, or a kickass topping on your burger, Fried Peppers bring the crunch. There’s hardly an occasion they wouldn’t fit right in.GET RECIPE There you have it. The route to becoming a top-5 FIREDISC® recipe? It’s one of persistent deliciousness and immense popularity. Don’t see your fave among them? Means you need to cook it more often, hoss. Let’s eat.

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