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Streamlining To-Do’s With Reusable Notepads

by emma

Streamlining To-Do’s With Reusable Notepads

A well planned to-do list is like the Oscar winning director of your day. It keeps you on task and organized, and it helps things continue to run smoothly. Here are a few tips for creating a list that truly optimizes daily productivity!

1. Create a Master List
Use a Reusable Jotter Notepad to create a brain dump of every task that you need to accomplish throughout the week. You can categorize it: home, life, work, kids, etc.
2. Good Things Come in 3’s (or 5’s)
Create a separate list with your top 3-5 tasks. As you’re working through these items, think to yourself: which task will have the most impact on my day? What are my priorities? Then, you can order items by importance. 

3. Unfinished Tasks
Like dinner, to-do lists often have “leftovers.” Break your bigger tasks into smaller sub-tasks to help move things along.
4. Plan Your Plans
One of the hardest things about writing a to-do list is actually sitting down to do it. Set aside ten minutes every night to peruse your master list, check what you’ve accomplished, and plan for the following day. A bit of planning and preparation not only lays out what is to come the next day, but makes you feel more efficient.
Writing activates a part of your brain that helps you remember, so the simple act of writing your to-do list is a step in the right direction! Also in M.C. Squares Blog


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