Smokey Whiskey Cheesy Chicken | Grill Masters Club

Smokey Whiskey Cheesy Chicken | Grill Masters Club

This fast and simple dish will have people coming back for more by combining these delicious chicken thighs with Kansas City Smoke Rub and Smokey Whiskey BBQ Sauce.
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BBQ Pit Boys Smokey Whiskey Cheesy Chicken

This Smokey Whiskey will take you right to the edge of BBQ heaven with first taste. Bourbon flavor mixed with natural smoke, garlic, onion little heat & you know what that means. It’s GUUD!!

Prep Time 10 minsCook Time 1 hr

Set your grill to about 325 – 350 F and prepare for a reverse-sear.Coat the thighs with olive oil and use as a binder to apply Kansas City Smoke Rub on all sides.Place thighs skin side up, over indirect heat, opposite the coals or flame.Mop with your frequently to keep the thighs nice and moist.After about 15 minutes, flip the thighs to skin-side down.Mop with Smokey Whiskey BBQ Sauce.Wait about another 15 minutes and move your thighs to direct heat, placing them over the coals or flame to sear the skin and lock in the juices, about one minute on each side.Move them off the direct fire and then add some shredded cheese on top of the thighs.Cover the grill to melt the cheese and get it to how you like it. It’s GUUUD!

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