Organization that Sticks! –

Organization that Sticks! –

Organization is essential to getting everything on your to-do list done, whether you’re at home, school, or work. Here are a few ways you can use Reusable Sticky Notes to organize your to-do’s, check all of them off, and make it look easy!
At Work

Kan-Ban Paper Waste
Kan-ban is a tried and true method to improve your workflow and balance your workload. Reduce lead times, improve quality and deliver more frequently!
Red Light, Green Light
Use fun, brightly-colored sticky notes to visualize your priorities. If your priorities change, erase and easily switch colors for tasks with Reusable Sticky Notes!
Jot it Down
Make note of small tasks that come your way throughout the workday. Stick your notes to a high-visibility place in your office, so your tasks don’t slip through the cracks.
At School
Keep it Short and Sweet

Retaining information is easier when it’s simplified. Practice condensing information onto one sticky note– try summarizing chapters you’ve read, concepts you’ve learned, and formulas you’re practicing. 
Get Creative With Your Colors
Color-coding will help you juggle everything on your plate. Use different colors for each class, days of the week, types of assignments, deadlines, extracurriculars… or endless other options!
Practice Makes Permanent
Learning a new language requires consistent practice and effort. Make it a visual process by placing sticky notes with words and phrases around your house!
At Home

We All Need Reminders
Busy schedules have a lot of moving parts! Use Reusable Sticky Notes to remind yourself of the never-ending appointments, routines, and events happening in your household.
Lighten the Load
Your physical space affects your mental space, and sometimes a team effort is required to keep everything in order. Use sticky notes to color-code chores, whether it’s by person or date!
Put a Label on it
No one wants to feel boxed in by labels, but labeling your home can allow your space to feel cohesive and clutter-free. Start by labeling your pantry, toy bins, art supplies, or even the tools in the garage.
To enhance your productivity at work, at school, and at home, use Reusable Sticky Notes to clear the clutter and prioritize important tasks.  Also in M.C. Squares Blog


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