New Product Release: Reusable Locker Kit!

New Product Release: Reusable Locker Kit!

Help your student keep track of to-do’s, assignments, deadlines, practices, and events in a place they’ll see them every day — their locker! Add function and flair to your student’s locker with our reusable bundle of sticky notes, to-do lists, stickers, and emojis that can be erased and reused for the entire school year!

This adorable student bundle comes with a Reusable To-Do List, a 2-Week Reusable Planner, colorful Reusable Sticky Notes, fun Reusable Stickers and Emojis, and a Tackie Marker and holder. Every sticky piece of this pack can be easily reused and will stick and restick to shiny surfaces up to 2k times (making it perfect for decorating your locker!) 
Student schedules can get crazy busy, so we wanted to design a Reusable Planner that students could use to easily keep track of their classes, homework, and social events in a way that wouldn’t lead to paper clutter crumpled up in the back of their lockers. With your plans written in the included Tackie Marker, they’ll stay safe and smudge-free, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally erasing your notes when you squeeze too many things in your locker (we’ve all done it!) *Tip: For better organization, try using different colored Tackies for each class!*
The Reusable Sticky Notes are great for reminders on your locker door about due dates and practice times, or you can leave your peers little reusable notes throughout the day! Use the Reusable Stickers to customize your planner, list, and locker space just how you want it, and use the Emojis to keep track of assignments and upcoming activities.
Back-to-school season is upon us, and that means it’s time to start shopping for all your school supplies. This year, avoid stocking up on single-use paper products, and instead shop reusable– starting with our Student Planning Pack!
Through Wednesday, August 3, get 6 Tackie Markers free with our new Student Planning Bundle! ($14.99 value) Also in M.C. Squares Blog


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