New Product Alert: BOGO Alphabet Practice & Doodle Kits!

New Product Alert: BOGO Alphabet Practice & Doodle Kits!

As the summer draws to a close, and your list of non-technology activities continues to dwindle, it’s time to introduce our latest product: the Alphabet Practice and Doodle & Draw Bundle! This set is the perfect way to keep your kiddos learning and creating without having to rely on the use of an iPad and without creating unnecessary paper waste.
Our AlphaDoodle Bundle is kid-friendly, wallet-friendly, and eco-friendly! 

Write, wash to erase, and reuse thousands of times for endless scribbles, doodles, and drawings.
Reusable whiteboards won’t stain, warp, or chip– no matter what little hands and busy minds throw at it!
Easily remove, and restick Reusable Stickers and Emojis without leaving any residue behind.
Included wet-erase Tackie Markers are non-toxic, low-odor, and they erase easily from smooth surfaces with water and a soft cloth.
Dried-out Tackies can be revived if their caps are left off– simply run the tip under water, replace the cap, and shake for a few seconds!

The Alphabet Practice Kit includes a rigid Jotter whiteboard with an alphabet practice template, 26 Reusable Alphabet Stickers (an apple for “A”, a flamingo for “F”, etc.), a set of Reusable Emoji Stickers, 2 Reusable Number Label Stickers, and a Tackie Marker and holder. The Stickers are reusable up to 2,000 times, so you can stick and re-stick them to shiny surfaces around the house without worrying they’ll lose their adhesiveness. Writing with the included wet-erase Tackie Marker, your bright pupil’s work won’t get smudged or erased unless they’re ready to start anew.
Our Doodle & Draw Kit includes a rigid Reusable Sketch Jotter with over 60 Reusable Stickers to inspire your budding artist and a Tackie Marker to channel their ideas into artistic expression. This reusable pack replaces 4,000 sheets of sketchbook paper without the use of a digital alternative. Once your junior Picasso creates their masterpiece, just snap a picture to save it, and give them a fresh canvas by wiping the Jotter with a damp cloth.
Most importantly, these limited edition bundles are buy one, get the other free – while supplies last! Save $19.99 on this pair of reusable kits and give kids a space to color, doodle, practice, and learn without creating clutter or single-use paper waste!
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