supercharged their marketing program with Button PostTap supercharged their marketing program with Button PostTap

Button and worked together to demonstrate the value of Button Links in Affiliate. Testing proved that Button’s technology routed users to the App 173% more than standard universal links., a leading online hotel booking company, has been at the forefront of the mobile space for many years. With app being a key part of’s strategy, it was imperative to have a solution that caters to the mobile-first world. Driving net new installs is paramount and if users already have the app installed, it is’s goal to get them there. Customer experiences are more personalized, easy to navigate and overall more seamless.
Being a longstanding partner of Button, was eager to test and demonstrate the value Button could drive for their app strategy in affiliate: Enter Button PostTap App! Button’s PostTap App is a technology solution that uses proprietary linking and routing optimization to drive higher conversions and revenue in mobile. partnered with Button to measure the efficiency of deep-linking users to app and overall CVR, and the results were mind-blowing!
Key Results 

173% more efficient deep-linking
8.2% overall conversion rate lift

Key Takeaways are able to efficiently route users to app with Button PostTap App
Button successfully transitioned some Mweb users in to app users, increasing their overall bookings in the short and long term
Expedia Group, the parent organization of, has now rolled out Button PostTap App to their brand portfolio globally and is continuing to see compounding growth in revenue month over month

Reach out to Button today to learn how PostTap can improve outcomes for your business!

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