Gender-Neutral Nursery Inspiration – Sunflower Motherhood

Gender-Neutral Nursery Inspiration – Sunflower Motherhood

Gender-neutral nurseries have become BIG, and we are obsessed with the look of them! If you’re needing inspiration on which type of gender-neutral nursery to implement for your little one, we’ve found FIVE stylized nurseries that can be perfect for any little girl or boy!

If you’re drawn to warmer tones, this boho look is for you! Mix in fun colors and patterns for your bohemian look, using natural elements and a free-spirited aesthetic. Having fun textures and patterns is always a great way to be a little more alternative.

Looking for something more neutral? Sticking to white or neutral tones can brighten up any space! Going for the light look is classy, and sure to make for some cute newborn photos!

If your little one is active and adventurous, try out a jungle-themed nursery! Great for any babe who loves all things animals and nature!

One way to style a room to make it a little different is by adding a bold statement wall! Pick a color that you think fits best, coordinating accents in the room with your statement wall. 

If you love the bold statement wall but want something a bit more moody, having a nursery with darker tones looks so good! The darker hues of decor as well as a statement wall can really add to the room. 
What style of nursery is your favorite? What would you add or change for your gender-neutral nursery? We can’t wait to see what you put together!

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