For the 12 deals of Christmas my travel bud gave to me…

For the 12 deals of Christmas my travel bud gave to me…


Christmas 2021 is a matter of weeks away and how we got here, I dunno 🤷‍♀️

In the true spirit of Christmas, I’ve left my Christmas shopping to the absolute last minute (again) and have been praying for a ✨Christmas miracle✨ when it comes to getting my sh*t sorted.


After trawling through the THOUSANDS of tours and activities available worldwide across our site, I have compiled this list of 12 AMAZING experiences that you can purchase right here, right now, so that anyone else struggling for ideas can sit back, relax, and enjoy the silly-season without the stress.

Big (gift) sack energy.

For the first deal of Christmas my travel bud gave to me…WINE TASTING IN THE BAROSSA VALLEY 🍷

When it comes to getting sh*t faced; I prefer to do so in as Instagram-able place as possible.

For your booze-loving bestie who is also a fan of the ‘gram, check out one of our Barossa Valley wine tasting tours.

Home to more than 150 amazing award-winning wineries, this South Australian region is best known for its Shiraz – which is very on brand for Christmas if you ask me. (Get it…because it’s red…)

For the second deal of Christmas my travel bud gave to me…SKYDIVING FROM A HELI(COPTER) 🚁

Thought about throwing someone out of a plane in 2021? Same.

HOWEVER, you can now gift them their own, consensual, jump from the heavens in a helicopter skydiving experience, with Christchurch and Queensland’s Gold Coast just two destinations the daredevil in your life can opt for.

Would they rather yeet out of a plane? Then suss out all of our skydiving options and destinations here.

(You might want to add a fresh pair of undies to this gift…if you know what I mean)

Me when I say I’m just “dropping in” to Christmas lunch

For the third deal of Christmas my travel bud gave to me…A WEEK-LONG(!?) TREK THROUGH TASSIE 🌳

Ruggedly wild and full of history, Tasmania is home to some of Australia’s most incredible scenery and destinations including Wineglass Bay (which is one of the top 10 beaches in the world) and Mt. Wellington.

From this 5 Day Bay of Fires Walking Tour to A WHOLE WEEK exploring the best of Tasmania, there’s no better way to see Australia’s smallest state than with one our our multi-day tours of Tassie.

Can’t do maths but like, I defs wouldn’t walk 500 miles (Unless its through Tasmania because WOW)

For the fourth deal of Christmas my travel bud gave to me…SHARK DIVING IN HAWAII 🦈

Look. I don’t judge my friends on what they’re into (most of the time) and all I expect is that they don’t judge my weird interests in return (insert my cooked YouTube search history, here).

So, for those of you in the same boat (pun intended) with a mate who’d been keen to be thrown overboard for a swim with the sharkies in Hawaii, I gotchu.

See our Hawaiian shark diving experiences here, or take a look at the other cool things to do while in Hawaii.


For the fifth deal of Christmas my travel bud gave to me…SOMETHING FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY 💛

Gift memories that will last a lifetime with a tour or experience that will entertain the young, and the young at heart.

From a thrilling 9 Day adventure around Costa Rica, to 4 Days spent 4WD-ing through the sand and surf on K’gari (Fraser Island), there’s something for everyone – even multi-day passes to the Gold Coast’s ICONIC theme parks.

Fam Vacation Vibes

For the sixth deal of Christmas my travel bud gave to me…A SURF TRIP ON THE GC 🌊

As Kim Kardashian once said, “kowabunga dudettes“.

Perfect for those who need to step away from the complete chaos that was 2021, this Gold Coast Surf and Yoga Experience allows guests to tap out of the daily grind, disconnect from technology and reconnect the body and mind with spirit.

For those looking for a less holistic approach to soothing the soul, there’s also plenty of great bars, pubs and breweries to check out on the famous Glitter Strip.

This Tweet haunts me.

On the seventh deal of Christmas my travel bud gave to me…A TOUR FIT FOR A FOODIE 🍕

From a long lunch with the girls cruising Sydney Harbour to a night food tour through Kyoto, Japan, feast on flavours you’ve never experienced before and give the most delicious gift of all with one of our great foodie tours.

TOP PICK: Know a special duo who deserve to indulge in some foodie fun? This 8 Day Unexplored Sicily Gastronomic Tour (Gosh that was a mission to type) will make anyone’s Christmas/life. Including  7 night’s accommodation on a cozy, historical farm, guests can enjoy an incredible ‘welcome’ dinner, 7 breakfasts on the farm, 5 lunches (including Michelin-starred restaurant ), and 5 dinners PLUS a culinary master class from a Michelin-star chef!

Calories? Never heard of her.

For the eighth deal of Christmas my travel bud gave to me…A SUNSET CRUISE WITH MY BESTIE ⛵️

There’s no better ship than friendship and there’s no better gift than one that involves a sneaky cocktail (or five).

Whether you’re looking to set sail down the Brisbane River on one of our amazing cocktail cruises or are looking for something a little more…tropical, like this 2 Hour Sunset Cocktail Cruise off Hawaii’s Big island, your bestie is sure to appreciate this gift. I’ll cheers to that.

Real Housewives of…IDK just get me on a booze cruise

For the ninth deal of Christmas my travel bud gave to me…SOMETHING WITH A BIT OF HISTORY 🧐

Don’t worry ye old history buffs! There’s one in every family (I’ll raise my hand for that one).

Our range of historical tours are as unforgettable as the stories they share – from exploring Paris and Normandy on this INCREDIBLE highlights tour that spans across 8 days (I legit want to book it now) to a haunted ghost tour of Sydney after dark, my little Christmas wish list is quickly filling up just thinking about all the great deals we have on offer.

Facts, Sir

For the tenth deal of Christmas my travel bud gave to me…A SPOT ON A NATURE SAFARI 🦁

Our extensive range of Wildlife and Nature Tours worldwide will both surprise and delight all nature-loving folk.

From a visit to the Congo Trail Monkey Sanctuary where you can get up-close and personal with monkeys rescued in the wild, to our famous Kakadu Wilderness Escape from Darwin where you can rub shoulders with numerous species of birds, turtles, water pythons and crocodiles who all call the top end home, we want the wildlife warriors out there to experience the best that nature has to offer.

There’s a whole, wonderful world out there waiting to be explored (borders permitting) and what better way to do so than by getting back to basics and spending time reconnecting with our beautiful planet.

For the eleventh deal of Christmas my travel bud gave to me…A LITTLE PRESENT TO ME, FROM ME 💕

Congrats. You’ve made it through another year and that’s sure as hell worth celebrating.

Give yourself a well deserved pat on the back and treat yourself to a Day Trip or Excursion to a destination of your choice.

Whether you’re looking to unwind and relax on one of our whale watching cruises or fancy something a little more action-packed (you MUST take a look at these options then) – we have something to suit everyone and every budget.

A gift? For me? From me?

For the twelfth deal of Christmas my travel bud gave to me…THE BEST GIFT CARD YOU EVER DID SEE 🤑

Nope, no partridges in pear trees (WTF even is that?) BUT we do have a fricken AMAZING range of gift cards for you to stuff in some stockings this Christmas.

Ranging from $50 to $500, these gift cards are valid for 3 YEARS from the date of purchase meaning the lucky recipient has plenty of time to choose just how they want to spend it (and, more importantly, where).

Our ‘Give as a Gift’ option on our tours and activities also means you can gift an experience without needing to lock in a date – which is perfect if you’re unsure of when to book, as your travel buddy can decide themselves!


Phew. What a list (that’s what Santa said).

Anyway, my work here is done, just as your Christmas shopping should now be.

Happy holidays my little elves.

Forever iconic.

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