Do you know the Caribbean fauna?

Do you know the Caribbean fauna?

One of the activities that the whole family likes the most is to enjoy exotic animals or animals other than those found in their country of origin.
In the Caribbean there are many species that will catch your attention due to their color, way of acting or variety.
Let’s look at some examples:
Under the sea we find the largest fish in the world, the whale shark. It can be scary because of its size, but it is actually harmless.Their twelve meters and up to fifteen tons of weight make them difficult to go unnoticed. Surprisingly, they feed on plankton so we can imagine that, after their passage, there is nothing green left to see in the area!
More respect must be given to the so-called bull shark that despite having much smaller dimensions than its partner, about 250 kg and 3.5 meters, is a fearsome predator. It is striking that it can live in both seawater and freshwater thanks to its ability to stabilize the salinity of the organism.

More sympathetic is the hawksbill turtle, which looks nice but is highly threatened. It lives in tropical waters and for a long time, and even today in hiding, was hunted for trade with its colorful shell that has gold, brown, orange and red streaks. One of the most beautiful turtles is the green turtle that can measure up to 160 centimeters and have an oviparous diet feeding.

As adults, however, they are herbivores. There are other much smaller animals that also attract attention, such as the curious ghost crab, which has one of the claws larger than the other, they are the color of sand so they are difficult to detect. Among the birds we can highlight a marine bird called the Royal Frigatebird that can have a wingspan of up to 2.20 meters.

It is an animal that is characterized by having a large dark orange bag under the beak and that makes it not go unnoticed in addition to attracting the female during the breeding season. And if we talk about colorful birds, a good example is the Macaw, which is even considered a pet, a fact that has put this species in great danger.
It has very striking plumage, travels in flocks and is very intelligent. Their survival depends, in large part, on being able to control the illegal trade.


As you can see, the Caribbean beaches hide much more than small colored fish. Discover the richness of its fauna during the day and at night stay in the place you deserve: discover the BlueBay Grand Esmeralda***** and Blue Diamond Luxury Boutique***** hotels and dream of new adventures under the sea .

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