Discover the fascinating Frankland Islands

Discover the fascinating Frankland Islands

Looking for a Tropical North Queensland hidden gem?

While everyone goes to Green Island and Fitzroy Island, a series of Great Barrier Reef islands you might not have heard of are the mind-bendingly beautiful Frankland Islands.

This incredible green zone marine park is found just south of Cairns in Far North Queensland, Australia. The good news is, you can organise a day trip to the Frankland Islands from Cairns!

My name is Olly and I run the adventure travel blog We Seek Travel.

I recently booked this epic Cairns Frankland Islands day trip with Backpacker Deals.

In this post, I’ll share with you my experience and photos from this epic trip to help you prepare for what to expect!

About The Frankland Islands

The Frankland Islands are a series of five islands just outside the mouth of the Mulgrave River. This spot is a little further south of the popular Fitzroy Island.

What’s so special about the Frankland Islands is that the coral reef is absolutely thriving! The reef here is incredibly healthy and biodiverse and in my opinion, rivals the outer reef.

Honestly, I was blown away by just how healthy and rich the reef system is at Frankland Islands. That’s because being situated so close to the mainland, you’d think that it wouldn’t be thriving like it is.

However, out of the 600 different types of coral that grow on the Great Barrier Reef, 200 are found on the Frankland Islands.

There are many reasons why the reef system is flourishing here, but the main reason is due to the unique, non-gravitational current that exists here. This special current washes a lot of essential nutrients over the reef everyday, allowing it to grow and remain healthy.

What to Expect on a Frankland Islands Day Trip

Unlike most of the island trips from Cairns, the Frankland Islands day-trip actually includes a river cruise as well!

After being picked up in a coach transfer from your hotel, you’ll be taken south to the Mulgrave River. On the way out through the Mulgrave, you’ll get an opportunity to spot crocs, just before heading out through the headlands to the croc-free paradise; Normanby Island in the Frankland Islands Group.

Included in the trip was a guided snorkelling tour by a highly-skilled Great Barrier Reef guide. If you’re lucky, you’ll get Michele, who is unbelievably knowledgeable on everything to do with the Great Barrier Reef.

I spent much of the day snorkeling but regathered energy from the hearty lunch. Then, we were offered an island walk where we learnt so much about the formation and sustainability of this unique island ecosystem.

Wrapping Up

So, what are you waiting for? The Frankland Islands are calling!

Skip the crowds on your next trip to the Tropical North and head out to the Frankland Islands for the island trip of a lifetime – book here.

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