Birthing Kit Necessities Guide – Sunflower Motherhood

Birthing Kit Necessities Guide – Sunflower Motherhood

Getting your birthing kit ready before going into labor can besooo beneficial to relieve stress and ensure you have everything you need to have a smooth recovery at the hospital! We’ve put together a list of our favorite birthing kit necessities so you can prepare for the big day in advance.
1. Most importantly, make sure you have medical records, hospital paperwork, insurance cards, and your ID ready! 
2. Having a nursing bra can be so helpful for the transition into breastfeeding if that is a part of your plan.
3. Packing a Peri Bottle makes it easier to gently cleanse yourself while providing relief to sore parts, and is much easier to use than the standard cleansing bottle from the hospital! Taking it on the go with the included waterproof travel bag can make for easy storing in your birthing kit, and is useful for both vaginal and C-Section deliveries! (PS: Our Peri Bottles are included in our Postpartum Recovery Box, our Deluxe Postpartum Recovery Box, and our Deluxe C-Section Recovery Box.)

4. You don’t want to forget your phone charger so your phone can be charged to snap as many pictures of your little one as your phone storage can handle!

5. Including your toiletries is important so you can brush your teeth, wash your face, or comb your hair. Having these normal routines from a regular day can provide a sense of normalcy, and make you feel a little bit more put together through your stay at the hospital. 

6. During the long process of labor, the dry hospital air will probably dry out your lips! Packing your favorite chapstick or lip balm can help provide a small sense of relief. 

7. Snacks and drinks! We can’t emphasize this enough—having nourishment can be so helpful as you’re preparing to push, or after you’ve delivered the baby so you can have some energy. And sometimes something from home can taste so much better than hospital cafeteria food 😉
8. Mesh undies and herbal-infused postpartum pads can be so helpful for your body to recover and make things more comfortable for you! The Deluxe Postpartum Recovery Box includes these, as well as cooling pads, perineal packs, and more.

9. Be sure to pack clothes for the hospital (robes + fuzzy slippers), as well as a going-home outfit for both you and baby! 
10. Our Mama Pajamas are tried-and-true for the best hospital stay possible. Silky soft, cozy, with an elastic waistband and buttons for easy breastfeeding access… it honestly doesn’t get any better for new mamas! 

11. And don’t forget to pack everything up in a functional bag, like the Sunflower Motherhood Mama Canvas Tote Bag! The six pockets inside will make it easy to stay organized.

Those are our TOP must-haves for your birthing kit and your hospital bag! But let us know – are we missing anything?? 

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