Anal Toys: The Basics and So Much More

Anal Toys: The Basics and So Much More

How To Choose An Anal Sex Toy

So the question is how to choose an anal sex toy? Well, look no further as Ella Paradis has tons of anal toys to choose from. 

When you’re unsure about what to do, it’s important to consider your well-being. What will make you happy? What are you comfortable with? Picking the right anal toy is strictly your preference and experiences. We offer different shapes, sizes and colors. Some even shine and glow in the dark, and some even have fur tails. 

These are important factors to consider when making any decision, big or small. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to take a step back and relax. Go for a walk, take a bath, or meditate. Clearing your mind will help you to better assess the situation and make a decision that is in line with your values. Trust your gut instinct and don’t be afraid to ask for help from your partner or our customer support team.

Ella Paradis’s customer support team is always available to assist you and answer any questions you may have.  

The Adam & Eve Brand Anal Training Kit is a great place to start! Complete your booty training from anal to expert with Adam & Eve’s easy training kit! Enjoy of Three different sizes of soft black TPR plugs let you start off small and work your way up to big anal pleasure. Each features a tush-tapping tapered tip and a stretchy retrieval ring for thrusting and quick removal.Another favorite is the Satisfyer Soft Silicone Anal Beads (2-Pack), this dynamic duo of colorful beads are perfect for your next session involving anal play! Each one provides 5 textured beads to stimulate one of the most erogenous zones of the body. Grab yours now! Julia raved “This toy is so amazing, I don’t even know where to begin. Perfect for beginners and for anal training!”

Finally, do not forget the lube!  Thicker than Sliquid Naturals H2O, this all natural formula is perfect for anal intercourse.  you may want to also read our blog, Which Is The Best Lube To Use With Sex Toys?

Ultimately, the most important thing is to do what is best for you. Self-care is always paramount and masturbation is a form of self-care! 

How To Use An Anal Toy Safely

Whenever we try something new, there is always an element of risk involved. We may be worried about how it will turn out, or whether we are really up for the challenge. But part of the appeal of trying something new is that sense of adventure, of stepping outside our comfort zone and into the unknown.

So if you are trying anal toys for the first time, you came to the right place! 

The question is, how to use anal toys safely? I know some of you may think this question has an obvious answer, but it’s not so simple.Here are six easy steps on how to use your anal toy safely:

Make sure you’re comfortable and in the mood. Make sure you’re ready for the shape and size of the toy you pick.Make sure your toy is made from body-safe materials free of phthalates and other undesirable materials.Clean the toy with soap and water beforehand. Afterward, apply lube liberally. If you are a beginner be sure to read out blog, The Lube Low-Down: Different Types of Lube & Their Uses.Get yourself in the perfect position and enjoy. Check out our blog, Anal Play Q&A and the Tips You’ve Been Missing.Wash your toy and store it in a safe place. Make sure you read up on How to Properly Clean Anal Toys! 

Your Risky Rundown on All Things Anal

Whether you are a back door enthusiast or just beginning your anal play journey, know that the world of butt stuff is a deep one.

There list of anal toys on the market is bottomless. Knowing what each one is for, what kind of stimulation they provide, and just how beginner-friendly each is can be a challenge.

But no need to stress. The remainder of this post is dedicated to just this. Consider this risky rundown on all things anal your go-to guide to for your next back of the house party.

With any of these toys locked and loaded, you’ll be one step closer to activating pleasure in a hole new way. Pun absolutely intended.

Anal Toys: Butt Plugs

Butt plugs are one of the most common types of anal toys. They are best described as smaller dildo-shaped toys that you insert into your anus.

They are tapered at the top for easy entry and usually vibrate. Some are even remote controlled. You’ll also find that some have special features like nubs, ribbing, or swirls for extra sensation.

You can use these toys on their own, during couples play, or during vaginal sex. If you’re a tad beyond that back door beginner stage and have gotten comfortable with the feeling of a finger (or something of similar size) in your butt, these are great toys for taking the next step.

The B-Vibe Vibrating Rimming Butt Plug Petite

For the Beginner

This B-Vibe Butt Plug is perfect for beginners, mainly due to its size. It runs on the smaller side, so if beginning butt-play is intimidating for you, this is an approachable option.

And you don’t have to make it vibrate to enjoy all its glory. This toys is remote controlled and ultra-silent… so you can even wear one while out to dinner with your significant other (if you are feeling really frisky).

Best practices for the B-Vibe Butt Plug is to use a water-based lube for easy insertion.

The B-Vibe Twisted Textured Butt Plug

For the Professional

Talk about bringing out the big guns. The B-Vibe Twisted Textured Butt Plug is the large and in charge toy that is great for experienced anal-play lovers.

It has ripples of varying size, so be prepared for a bumpy ride. This B-Vibe butt plug also comes with 6 different vibration levels. Like the toy above, it’s recommend you use a water-based lubricant like this one for easy insertion.  

Anal Toys: Beads

Anal beads are very similar to butt plugs, but are a little more advanced.

Rather than having a dildo-shape, they are a ‘string’ of beads that goes into the anus. And similar to butt plugs, many of these toys also vibrate and are compatible with both couples and solo-play.

Instead of being textured, anal beads are designed with rippled shapes for extra pleasure sensations. 

The Satisfyer 3 Piece Beads Set

For the Beginner

Talk about a threesome…

The Satisfyer 3 Piece Beads Set is great for beginners because of the set’s varying sizes. With three options, you can gradually train your backdoor, while having fun along the way.

They also have a ring attached for easy removal and insertion so don’t worry, it’s not getting stuck up there. These toys pair well with water lubricant, and actually includes one for FREE when purchased.

The Lelo Luna Anal Beads

For the Professional

These Lelo Luna Anal Beads are the perfect toy for the avid anal-lover. They can actually be used for kegel training, but work equally as well for anal activity.

Their sleek design make these great for easy insertion, and they actually quietly massage you as you move, leading to intensified orgasms and enhanced pleasure.

The Luna Beads come with a handle for easy removal as well. This classy product is the best selling bead toy and comes with a full 1-year LELO warranty. Like the above, we always recommend water-based lubricant for easy insertion. 

Anal Toys: Prostate Massagers

These toys are different from the plugs and beads chatted about above.

Prostate massagers are designed for those who pack a prostate. This internal organ is mostly exclusive to those who were assigned male at birth (let’s not forget about intersex folk).

Best described as the equivalent of the G-spot, the prostate is no joke when it comes to climaxing. Which is why prostate massagers have gained so much popularity. In fact, without one of these bad boys messing around in the back alley, effectively stimulating the prostate may be a challenge.

The We-Vibe Vector Prostate Massager

For the Beginner

The We-Vibe Vector Prostate Massager is an excellent choice for beginners. This toy is flexible, so it can bend to the dimensions of your body. It features an internal and external component, allowing you to stimulate your prostate directly and indirectly.

This toy is also completely hands-free, as We-Vibe products are all app-enabled (this one also includes a wireless remote). You can use this toy for solo or partner play.

And don’t forget, water-based lubricant only.

The Lelo Loki Wave Prostate Massager

For the Professional

Get ready to reach climax like you’ve never before, as this Lelo Prostate Massager has quite the erotic feature. It has two components like the Vector Prostate Massager above; however, instead of simply vibrating, the internal factor moves in a ‘come hither’ motion. This both vibrates and applies pressure to your prostate.

This toy has 10 levels of stimulation and two motors, with simply designed buttons on the toy itself to control each. It is tapered for easy insertion, but of course, we recommend water-based lubricant for smooth entry.

How to Properly Clean Anal Toys

did you know that regular cleaning and maintenance of your anal sex toys can help it last longer and prevent the growth of bacteria? 

It’s important to keep your hand massager clean for two reasons: to prevent bacteria growth and to maintain the quality of the toy so it lasts a long time. Check out our blog on How Long do Sex Toys Last for the deets! 

Don’t make cleaning your toys an arts and craft project. Here are some tips on how to keep your toys clean and in good working condition:

Use warm water and soap to wash the attachments after each use. Be sure to use paper towels or clean washcloth afterwards to air dry after cleaning. Wipe down the body of the toy with a damp cloth after each use. You can also use a mild soap if you prefer. Side note, avoid using harsh soaps like dish soap. 

Ella Paradis provides a variety of sprays and wipes. You might like it dirty, but your toys need to stay clean before and after every use. The Ella Paradis Single-Use Individual Packaged Toy Cleansing Wipe is perfect to stash in a nightstand drawer, kitchen junk drawer, purse, backpack, glove box or even a back pocket for super convenient use!Another fantastic options are the Good Clean Love Re-Balance Cleansing Wipes. They are the perfect on-the-go solution, this 12-pack of individually wrapped cleansing wipes employ bio-matching technology to promote vaginal health.

Whether it’s for an intimate session or you just a refresh down there, Good Clean Love’s Re-Balance cleansing wipes are your perfect on-the-go solution! With Bio-Matching technology these wipes match the conditions of the healthiest vaginas to support a natural immune response. Keep your coochie feeling fresh & grab these wipes today!

Good Clean Love Re-Balance Cleansing Wipes Highlights:

12 Individually Wrapped WipesBiodegradableBio-Matches to the Healthiest Vagina ConditionsSupports a Natural Immune Response

And for more tips on keeping all your toys clean, check out our blog on How to Clean and Store Your Sex Toys!

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