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7 Ways to Make the Most of a Summer Pregnancy

by emma

7 Ways to Make the Most of a Summer Pregnancy

Summer time can be long, hot, and draining, especially while pregnant! Looking for things to help with that? Take a look at our list of activities and tips to make the absolute most of your summer pregnancy!
1. Take a Yoga class
Yoga is great for expecting mamas. We all need a break sometimes and this can be the perfect activity. Relaxing by stretching and loosing up those muscles is just what you may need! Just maybe steer clear of Hot Yoga!😉

2. Wear light breathable clothing
Heat and pregnancy do NOT go well together. It’s common to already feel overheated in later pregnancy, and heat can increase nausea in early pregnancy. Fix that discomfort by wearing some lightweight, breathable clothing. A flowy dress paired with a floppy hat would make for a great summer fit! For a more comfy option, try a lightweight pajama set, like our Summer Mama Pajamas! 

3. Go see a movie
Get out of the heat by going to the movies! Whether it’s date night with your spouse or a family outing, enjoy the nice air conditioned theater while munching on some yummy popcorn!

4. Take a nap in the middle of the day
All moms know that the summer heat is draining! Run errands and do yard work early morning, so you can prioritize a nap during the peak of the afternoon heat. Trust me, You deserve that extra sleep!
5. Have a summer photoshoot
Imagine capturing maternity photos in a green grassy field with flowers, or walking down a stunning beach with soft white sand. With many different scenic options, a sunny photoshoot is a great perk to being pregnant during the summer.

6. Stay hydrated
Staying hydrated is important for any pregnancy, even more so in the summertime! Drink lots of water to help regulate body temperature, reduce swelling and increase energy. What about a hydrating snack? Try watermelon, strawberries, cucumbers, or smoothies!
7. Head to the pool
Summer pregnancies call for some pool days. Swimming is great for low impact exercise that will help relieve pressure from your bones and joints. You won’t regret cooling down in a pool while getting your movement on!

These are just a few of our favorite activities and tips for making the most out of a summer pregnancy! What do you want to try this summer? Would you add anything to the list? 

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