10 of our Favorite Morning Sickness Remedies

10 of our Favorite Morning Sickness Remedies

by Elizabeth Stone February 18, 2022

2 min read
Someone needs to tell Mother Nature that morning sickness should be categorized as “cruel and unusual punishment.” Seriously – solid weeks or months of nausea and vomiting?? How is THAT fair?
Clearly I feel strongly about this topic- because it’s hard to do anything when you’re nauseous. That’s why we’ve created theMorning Sickness Box. Helping expecting mothers feel human again is definitely a priority to us at Sunflower Motherhood! Here is our go-to list of 10 morning sickness remedies to help relieve your nausea!

Ginger: Having a natural, non-drug treatment can be relieving. Consider using grated fresh ginger in hot water as tea! We also include Ginger Gum in our Morning Sickness Box.
Nausea Relief Bands: These bands are a non-invasive way to combat morning sickness! If scents of other nausea-relief remedies make you feel even sicker, these bands are a safe way to dial down nausea and queasiness. 

Citrus:  Lemons, grapefruit, oranges, and tangerines can soothe stomachs! Making teas, sucking on lemon drops, or drinking lemonade could help with your morning sickness.

Crackers: A go-to snack to help relieve nausea is saltine crackers, which can help alleviate queasiness in the morning.

Bone broth: Not only does this help with morning sickness, but also overall health through your pregnancy! Drink bone broth slowly throughout the day to stay hydrated and be filled with proteins, calcium, and other nutrients. You could also add ginger, lemon, or honey.

Water: STAY HYDRATED, mama! Drinking enough water may help you have less morning sickness, and will also keep your body healthier. If you are needing more electrolytes, you could even drink sports drinks, keeping you even more hydrated.

Aromatherapy: Use a humidifier or diffuser to breathe in mint, lemon, or orange, which may help alleviate your nausea (plus it smells really great, too! 😉).

Be active: Exercising can help your symptoms, so consider going on a walk, swimming, or joining a prenatal yoga class! Just be sure to check with your doctor to make sure exercising is a good idea for you and your specific circumstances

Skip certain foods: Avoiding greasy, spicy, and fatty foods could help relieve your nausea! Instead, have a high-protein, high-carb, low-fat diet. Dry, salty, bland foods are less likely to make you nauseous. 

Morning Sickness Box: Sunflower Motherhood has a perfectly curated box for morning sickness, including tea, ginger chewing gum, a tummy ease oil roller, nausea relief bands, and more! This box has all of the best relief products on the market so you can find quick relief whenever nausea hits. 

Here’s to feeling (almost) human again!  Leave a comment

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